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Here are some pictures of our horse, Kajun's Sweet Sugar, a six-year-old registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. We bought her on March 21, 2008, and have spent a ton of money since then!! She's a daughter of Kajun War Dance, a 2005 World Reserve Grand Champion MFTH (pedigree). We've been training her, as she was only halter broke at the time, and it's going reasonably well, though lately she's developing a 'tude. I've been riding her and she's learning, but pretty headstrong. Reining is a little tougher, but we've been working on figure eights around trees and she will do it. We've trotted once, and a couple of times she's broken into a gait which is SUPER SMOOTH, and I hope it's a fox trot, but probably not that lucky, LOL!! With gaited horses you have a LOT of walking to do to work them into the gait, especially as late as her training began. Below are some riding videos and a bunch of pictures.

Riding Video - old

New Riding Video - figure 8s (5-31-2009)

New Riding Video - Misc Riding (5-31-2009)

Sugar's sweet new ride - now just to get her into it!....

Sugar as a baby with Mr. Eddy Picture of Sugar before purchase

Susan with Lily and Sugar Sugar posing for pictures Beginning training

Sugar's first riding lesson w/Ken's help Sugar in training surcingle and bridle Sugar and Susan during 1st lesson

Ken and Sugar barn raising, LOL!! Ken is having trouble hammering... Sugar in fly garment

Pretty as a picture!!! A pretty good riding session She's moving.....

Merry Christmas from Susan and Sugar What a sweet girl!! Sugar in her blanket

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